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Further Delay in ICD-10 Will Cost the Health Industry $1-6 Billion

Posted on 03/31/14


As some of you may have heard, the House approved on Thursday an 'SGR patch' bill, which would be yet another delay in implementing the SGR formula for Part B payments.

Unfortunately, the patch bill also contains a 1-year delay in ICD-10, to October 1, 2015. 

This added provision caught everyone in the HIT industry by surprise and it's important that everyone understands that this proposed delay comes at a cost. The health care industry has spent billions of dollars in preparation for this transition this October and a 1-year delay will cost the industry an additional $1 billion-$6 billion.

Widespread adoption of ICD-10 will lead to improved patient care, reduced costs and will help maximize the return on Congress' investment in electronic health records, so it’s imperative we transition this October.

Because of a March 31st deadline when the current SGR patch runs out, the House bill is scheduled to be voted on by the Senate today at 2PM ET. 

Please contact your local Sentator and ask them to vote No on H.R. 4302.

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