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Clinical NLP Part 1: Spotlight on Risk Adjustment

Posted on 05/20/20 | Comments

Part 1:  Spotlight on Risk Adjustment 

Welcome to the first installment of a four-part blog series that explores the broad and growing value of using clinical natural language processing (cNLP) to deliver results for both payer and provider organizations.


Topics: HCCs, NLP, unstructured text, chart review, cnlp, risk adjustment, predictive analytics

Clinical NLP: The Key to Unlock Your Data

Posted on 05/12/20 | Comments

We're kicking off a Clinical Natural Language Processing (cNLP) blog series! 

In these uncertain times, healthcare leaders are under pressure to do more with less. Whether faced with budget cuts or staff reductions, they are still on the line to provide superior patient care and improve health outcomes.  

To do this, stakeholders are looking to advanced technology to help augment existing workflows, optimize staff labor, and eliminate unnecessary manual efforts.


Topics: NLP, unstructured text, quality measure reporting, cnlp, risk adjustment, predictive analytics, medical necessity review

Webinar Recap: Applying AI in Healthcare: Practical Applications of Clinical NLP to Drive Value in Your Organization

Posted on 03/11/20 | Comments

AI in Healthcare:  Practical Applications of Clinical NLP

While there’s been a lot of buzz about the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, health leaders are recognizing that AI holds the potential to diagnose and treat disease, improve processes, and better manage underlying operational, financial, and patient health data through which they can innovate and maximize value.

Specifically, within healthcare, Natural Language Processing (NLP), a specific branch of AI, has quickly proven value by enabling healthcare organizations the ability to efficiently leverage unstructured data, which represents nearly 80% of all healthcare data.


Topics: NLP, Natural Language Processing, unstructured text, quality measure reporting, clinical natural language processing, cnlp, sepsis detection, risk adjustment