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Meaningful Analytics: Improving Data Integration and Quality by Leveraging the HIE Webinar Recap

Posted on 11/29/16 | Comments

Healthcare organizations must achieve mastery of high-quality data and analytics to thrive within value-based care models. Today’s IT professionals are challenged to design systems that improve data exchange with industry stakeholders as well as acquire more complete and accurate patient information for quality measures reporting. Without a strategy in place that addresses each of these key areas, hospitals and health systems face significant barriers to achieving their overall population health or financial goals.


Topics: Analytics, HIE, cohort rules management, mapping, CMS, data integration, data quality, APM, VITL

How to Use Code Groups for Cohort Rules Management

Posted on 01/22/15 | Comments

Code groups have a number of uses and one of the more prevalent examples is the creation of cohort identification rules.

Those code groups, bags of codes that represent clinical concepts, are often associated with clinical quality measures (CQMs). But cohort identification ranks among the top uses outside of CQMs.  Healthcare delivery systems must create cohort identification rules within IT systems so that their care management programs can properly identify at-risk patients. This is important for both big data analytics and population health management.


Topics: cohort rules management