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Are you Dealing With Lackluster Data Analytics?

Posted on 04/18/16 | Comments

Missed_Target.jpeg A recent article, “Quality Metrics, Data Analytics are Top Value-Based Care Fears,” highlighted some of the problems that health systems and ACOs are having with data management and analytics. Author Jennifer Bresnick wrote, “...providers confess that the big data analytics competencies required to make the most of value-based reimbursements may be too much for them to handle.”

In fact, the article references a recent Xerox Healthcare Attitudes 2016 survey that revealed that 80% of providers “expressed some level of uncertainty about not being able to leverage their patient data for improved outcomes.” Additionally, the same number of providers said “a lack of claims data transparency may inhibit their ability to perform comprehensive data analytics and population health management.”


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5,500+ Updates Are Coming to ICD-10

Posted on 03/30/16 | Comments


It has been five years since those of us in the healthcare industry have had to prepare for updates to the ICD code set. During this time, updates were put on hold while the industry prepared for and underwent the ICD-10 transition. Now that ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS have been successfully implemented, it is time to prepare for long-awaited revisions and additions. Beginning October 1, 2016, we can now expect that there will be annual revisions to the ICD-10 code set, bringing the industry back to the regular update cycle.


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How to Normalize Your First Project with Your Data Normalization Solution

Posted on 02/24/16 | Comments

So far we have outlined the steps from securing executive buy-in to establishing a governance process—you should be ready to start your first normalization project (I know I am!).


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Webinar Recap: Code Groups – The Building Blocks for Your Analytic Initiatives

Posted on 02/08/16 | Comments

Code groups and analytics initiatives—the two go hand-in-hand. Healthcare organizations are increasingly realizing that effective management of code groups (also known as value sets) is imperative for aligning with healthcare’s Triple Aim and positioning within the value based landscape.


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Webinar Recap: Code Groups - The Building Blocks for Your Analytic Initiatives

Posted on 12/11/15 | Comments


Whether you’re providing patient care or managing coding and patient data, you have no doubt felt the impact of managing code groups on your day-to-day responsibilities, whether you know it or not. The use of code groups, otherwise known as value sets, is becoming a necessity for healthcare providers – but the technology to manage them is only now just beginning to catch up with the need.  


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Establish a Governance Process with Your Data Normalization Solution

Posted on 12/08/15 | Comments

In our last blog, we discussed selecting your first project to use for data normalization. A healthcare provider or payer pursuing a normalization project must establish a governance process to ensure the organization doesn’t revert to a chaotic data state. This post discusses the creation of a solid governance structure that preserves your investment in good data. 


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Prioritize Your Data Normalization To-Do List with an Impact Anaysis

Posted on 10/14/15 | Comments

Welcome back!  So you have:


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Identify Constraints that May Impact your Data Normalization Plan

Posted on 09/24/15 | Comments

At this point in the integration of your data normalization solution, the project team has a strong executive sponsor and has assessed the healthcare organization’s data normalization needs. So far so good. Now it’s time to identify the constraints that might hinder the normalization initiative. Those constraints will determine the pace of the project and highlight areas in which additional planning will be required to overcome obstacles.


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Why LOINC Promotes Semantic Interoperability

Posted on 09/17/15 | Comments

With such a strong industry-wide focus on the need to meet meaningful use standards, it’s easy to forget that terminology standardization has value for a provider beyond the big-picture goals of regulatory bodies. This is certainly true in the case of LOINC®, the standardized terminology used for reporting laboratory results.


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The Importance of Taking an Inventory of Your Data Normalization Needs

Posted on 08/28/15 | Comments

In a previous blog post, I discussed the importance of data normalization and the need for executive-level support as the first step in the implementation process.

This post focuses on the next step: taking an inventory of your data normalization needs. A healthcare system will be hard-pressed to reach its desired data destination if it has no idea of where it stands today. Describing the current environment—where does the key data or terminology exist and who owns it—is the objective of the inventory phase of a data normalization project.


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